First Stage conversions are available for most petrol and diesel vehicleis most definitely our best value for money conversion with a fantastic improvement in

An S1 is definitely our best value for money conversion with a fantastic improvement in low-down torque and overall power gains. In most cases there will also be a noticeable improvement in fuel consumption in like for like driving.

Our exhaust systems are manufactured in-house from the best quality stainless steel. Decibel tests are performed ensuring conservative sound outputs.

Electronic optimisation is achieved by installing a Unichip Q piggyback computer, and mapping on our 2x4 or our 4x4 dyno. All conversions are backed up by Load Dyno results.

Our First Stage conversions include a performance air filter and we use either K&N or BMC. These filters are not disposable and can be serviced as often as necessary: you simply wash them and reapply a thin film of special oil.

Because we are conservative with our percentage performance gains, substantially higher improvements can be achieved on some vehicles. This applies to the majority of our conversions.

The Dyno and Mapping via a Unichip Q

A dyno simulates road conditions in a controlled environment giving the operator the ability to monitor a lot of different variables such power on the wheels (front, rear or all four wheels), air/fuel ratios, instant ignition timing per cylinder, engine temperatures, inlet air temperatures, boost temperatures etc. This will enable the dyno technician to diagnose and assess various engine functions and problems as well as to see if there are improvements that can be made. The technician can then adjust various settings like the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder, the ignition timing, boost levels and then retest to see that all the changes made register improvements.

Most modern engines are fully computer controlled and no adjustments can be implemented from the outside. This is where the Unichip piggy back ECU comes into play. The Unichip is a piggyback computer that interfaces with the standard engine management system allowing us to program every vehicle individually to suit the vehicle and/or the customer’s requirements. There is a timing circuit, fuelling circuit, throttle position circuit and five additional input/output circuits so that the tuner can do various other tuning such as VVTC (variable valve timing control), V-TEC control, boost control as well as the removal of the road speed governors on various vehicles. When installing a Unichip we begin with a blank map so all the signals going in or out are standard. Our dyno technicians then begin the mapping process and will concentrate on total remapping as well as the areas where there are flat spots in the standard maps.

There are 24 rpm sites and 14 load sites on a Unichip. This allows for more resolution in a specific rpm band so they can be adjusted closer to each other. Fuelling, timing and boost are adjusted live so you can get the best out of each vehicle individually. Full throttle tuning is done for maximum safe power and below that we set the vehicle up for maximum efficiency regarding fuel consumption and drivability (throttle response). Different map options can be installed for the different fuel grades. RGM firmly believes that the Unichip is a unique computer system that is changing the way clients can have their vehicles set up for their individual needs.

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