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RGMotorsport has blasted its way into the record books, by breaking into the 10-second bracket over a quarter-mile with a street-legal Golf7 R.

With an official time of 10.95 seconds and a terminal speed of 203.5 km/h on his third run at the Tarlton Tuner Warz event on Saturday, June 3, Jacques “The Stiglet” Joubert dipped below 11 seconds for the first time. He was at the controls of the company’s Golf7R project car, which acts as both a high-speed billboard and a mobile research and development platform for the Strydom Park tuner’s “Untamed” range of upgrades for Volkswagen and Audi.
Said company founder Rob Green: “I’m ecstatic! We’ve worked hard for this moment and it has paid off – in our business, proving that our fast cars can walk the talk is what it is all about and the marketplace notices achievements like this. We’ve been knocking at the door for a while and on Saturday it all came together – being able to say that we’re the fastest Golf 7R on the Highveld matters!”

And this car is a genuine daily driver: it made its way to and from Tarlton under its own steam, spent Sunday being hammered at a motorsport event on the other side of Gauteng and was then used by the Stiglet to brave the traffic in getting to the office on Monday morning. In 2016 the same car/driver combination won its class at the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb (it didn’t compete in the 2017 event).

But just how fast is a car that can do a quarter mile in under 11 seconds? Here are some headline numbers from that record-breaking run on Saturday, as captured by a VBOX Video datalogger:

• 0 – 100 km/h in 3.17 seconds
• 0 – 120 km/h in 4.11 seconds
• 0 – 160 km/h in 6.7 seconds
• 100 – 200 km/h in 7.5 seconds

RGMotorsport’s car is full house, with changes to the turbocharger, inlet and exhaust systems, gearbox clutches, engine management software and suspension. Engine internals are completely stock.
“All of the modifications made to our Golf7 R are available to our customers,” explains Green. “So drivers of various other VAG products - such as the Golf7 GTI, Audi S3 and the Audi RS3 – can expect similar performance if they follow the same upgrade path.”

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