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A Bakkie designed for the fast lane...of the autobahn


Hilux SC 001


RGMotorsport has signed off what is quite possibly the fastest double cab bakkie in Africa - a 327kW/545Nm super-truck capable of demolishing the 0 – 100 km/h sprint in 7.1 seconds at the reef, en route to maxing out at 227 km/h.

See it in action here:

It could also be the first eighth-generation Hilux 4.0-litre V6 to be supercharged on the continent but it certainly isn’t the first Big Six Toyota to benefit from RGMotorsport’s tuning and modifying acumen. The Strydom Park-based business has installed a similar forced induction package on well over 100 of these engines; and V6 FJ Cruisers, Prados, Fortuners, Land Cruisers and Hiluxes have all been through the workshop.

While the acceleration figures are impressive, the stand-out number is the flexibility. Making full use of the kick-down characteristics of the six-speed auto, it thunders from 80 to 160 km/h in just 12.2 seconds – a full 10 seconds faster than the standard double cab 4x2 ‘Lux. Overtaking is effortless and at lower speeds the story is the same: 60 to 120 takes just six seconds, compared to 9.6 seconds for the showroom version.

All figures were recorded at Gerotek by track coaching and data analysis experts, Stigworx, using VBOX datalogging equipment.
Says Rob Green, founder and managing partner of the business: “Many of our Supercharged customers use their vehicles for towing. When you overtake with a 1 400-kilogram caravan behind you, you end up spending plenty of time and distance on the wrong side of the road and that’s when you’re in the most danger. With an RGM Supercharged conversion that period is massively reduced and safety dramatically improved.

“With the huge torque reserves, the engine now copes easily with the gaps between the gear ratios and acceleration is unrelenting, without the drop-off in momentum between third and fourth which is apparent in the standard set-up.”
While they’ve Supercharged many V6s (including one which has covered more than half-a-million trouble-free kilometres) this particular recipe has a slightly different mix of ingredients compared to the outgoing, ‘Vigo’ generation Hilux. For example, the cold air intake system is substantially different from before and other components such as the power steering and air conditioning plumbing were repackaged.

But the same attention to detail is apparent when you open the bonnet and it looks like it could’ve come from Toyota’s Durban plant just like this.

The Hilux is fitted with the single VVTi version of the V6 but in Supercharged form makes 152kW more than standard, with torque boosted to 545Nm, from 376. As in the past, intake temperatures are kept low (the key to both reliability and power) with a standalone radiator system which provides coolant for the liquid chargecooler. This reduces the temperature of the compressed air from the Vortech centrifugal supercharged by up to 60 degrees Celcius before it enters the intake manifold and is the reason why, along with modest 0,5 Bar boost, the compression ratio of the engine can be left unchanged. The V2 blower also has an integrated lubrication system, which reduces maintenance and simplifies the installation.

Each conversion is optimised on RGMotorsport’s four-wheel-drive dynamometer to get the Unichip piggyback ECU perfectly mapped for the engine it is partnered with, before being unleashed from the Hammer Road speed centre.

A Supercharged conversion starts at R105 000 to a Hilux – or Fortuner - and like all RGM conversions come with a minimum six month/20 000 km warranty.

  Std Hilux 4.0 V6 4x2 D/C   S/C Hilux 4.0 V6 4x2 D/C
0 -- 60 km/h  4.59  3.5
0 -- 80 km/h 7 5.2
0 -- 100 km/h   10.37 7.14 
0 -- 120 km/h 14.4 9.48
0 -- 400 M (seconds) 17.29 15.12
Terminal speed 131.86 149.7
0 -- 1000 M (seconds) 31.79 27.4
Terminal Speed 164.2 193
FLEXIBILITY (kickdown)    
60 -- 100 km/h 5.65 3.59
60 -- 120 km/h 9.51 5.94
80 -- 120 km/h 7.21 4.28
80 -- 160 km/h 22.1 12.23




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