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Can you get an upgrade on an upgrade?
Yes you can, and in a celebration of the arrival of weather more suited to the great outdoors, we came up with a solution to get Jeep owners where they’re going with a dash more speed: in a further development of our existing upgrade to the Wrangler’s Pentastar powerplant, we’ve upped power and torque to a tyre-smoking, tarmac-shredding 365kW and 551Nm.


The Wrangler Limited and Unlimited are both popular with adventurers and thrill-seekers who need a rugged and dependable vehicle to get them where their action starts and also with road warriors who love the iconic reputation and butch looks of the vehicle. Both groups of users will no doubt enjoy a boost from the stock 209kW/347Nm numbers and – importantly - they’ll enjoy the driveability that comes with having more torque at 2 000 rpm than the standard engine had at its peak.

With the benefit of experience, along with access to a sophisticated, four-wheel-drive dynamometer, our R&D department has coaxed an additional 49kW and 34Nm from the V6.

Says tuning guru Steven Green: “We took a conservative approach when we first supercharged the Jeep but with positive feedback from the field and our ongoing research, we made a decision to upgrade the upgrade. Our confidence in this regard is because of the efficiency of the Vortech supercharger and the ability of our water-to-air chargercooler to keep intake temperature at a safe level. We have achieved these new results without any undue mechanical stress.
“Of course, the real secret lies in a skilled tuner being able to programme the Unichip Q control unit which is used to modify fuel and ignition delivery signals and create a three-dimensional ‘map’ all the way from idle to the revlimiter. The limiter remains in place, incidentally.”

At Highveld altitude, our Wrangler Unlimited will comfortably sprint to 100 km/h in about eight seconds and cover a quarter-mile in the mid 15-second bracket.
As with all our conversions, the Jeep Wrangler Supercharged comes with a six month, 20 000 kilometre warranty as well as our reputation for quality workmanship, installation excellence and attention to detail.
And despite Supercharged September being almost done, the five percent reduction on the normal price of the conversion continues until the end of the year. Which means Jeep Wrangler owners will still pay R133 000 – and drive away with more power than the brand’s performance flagship, the Grand Cherokee SRT8…



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