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From: Ben
To: RGMotorsport Info
Subject: My FJ Cruiser Supercharger

Hi Rob

Some feedback on my FJ

We went to the Skeleton Coast from Henties Bsy to the Kunene mouth on the Angola border and back via Ksokoland to Sesfontein, a 4x4 trip of over 1000 km under the worst conditions possible, extreme desert heat, thick warm sand, high dunes, strong winds, up and down mountains. To make it worse we were travelling a full day in very thick sand on the beach, 11 other 4c4 were with me on the trip. Some used more than a tank of fuel in one day.

The FJ passed the test with flying colours, no mechanical or overheating issues at all. Some 4x4's overheated, others were just battling to get through the sand, but not the FJ. From SA through Botswana and Namibia I've done over 6000 km in 10 days, on tar but also very bad gravel roads. No issues at all.

What I like about the "new" FJ is that it's actually "not an FJ". Even the gearbox behaves better with the extra power, overtaking is a pleasure and cruising at 130 km per hour feels much more relax.

I have further towed a caravan for 509 km to Sabie and back, on the steepest gradients there was never a need to floor the FJ to maintain a speed of 115 km ph. The supercharger is really proving its worth in towing.

And then the sound, it sounds like a full blooded sports car all the time. In the desert I conquered dunes that the standard FJ had to gear down to 1st while I am going out in 2nd at 4000 rpm.

Thanks I am very happy and get a lot more satisfaction from the "not an FJ"

Kind regards

Ben Visagie



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