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From: Thiaan Lewis
To: Technical Sales - Dave Bethwaite
Subject: RE: RGMotorsport - Jeep SRT8 Final Invoice

Hi Dave

I just want to thank you guys at RGMotorsport for doing a magnificent job on my Jeep SRT8 2014. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. All the people here in Namibia are jealous of it.

The car was fast before but when you were finished with it, it gives a new meaning to fast!! You did an amazing job and the quality of work is outstanding. 

I have done 10,000kms on the car with the supercharger now and every time I press the pedal to the floor I just keep smiling!!! If I want anything done to my cars in the future, you guys are definitely on top of my list!

Thanks again to all you guys for you service and quality work that you are doing! Special thanks to Dave for your personal service and attention!

Best Namibian Regards

Thiaan Lewis



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