RGMotorsport was founded in 1992 by legendary performance pioneers Rob and Steven Green, who have grown the company into South Africa’s foremost tuning house. Foresight, vision and a fearless desire to tread where others dare not go – combined with a desire to ensure complete customer satisfaction – has kept the dynamic RGM team at the top of their craft.

More than 25 years later, their philosophy is summed up by their mission statement: “To provide quality workmanship, service and conversions on premium brands.”

To achieve this simple (but at the same time complex) goal, RGMotorsport is made up of a number of divisions.


RGM Team

Auto Services

We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art repair and servicing centre.

Our team of dedicated and highly-trained personnel ensure that the most stringent safety and service levels are continuously met, thereby delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our service department also prides itself on being able to service vehicles that have undergone performance conversions.

All forms of work are undertaken with RGM offering minor and major servicing and engine and drivetrain repairs too. RGM offers its uncompromising AA Quality Assured commitment to value by ensuring that only the best parts and lubricants are used on your vehicle.

Dyno Tuning

Our state-of-the-art four-wheel-drive dyno and two-wheel-drive dynamometer facilities coupled with our highly trained technicians are able to extract maximum power under controlled conditions ensuring accurate and repeatable results whether it is a race or road vehicle being tuned. Both of these are ‘load’ rather than ‘inertia’ dynos, which is a key factor in being able to tune in real time to replicate the conditions which will be experienced on the road.

These facilities are an integral part of our business, ensuring that every vehicle that is dealt with by our Motorsport and Service division is tuned to perfection, and forms a major part of our success in winning championships and the records we hold to date.

Electronic Tuning

We offer mapping and chip tuning solutions (finalised on an appropriate dyno) to enhance the efficiency of an individual engine. Performance gains, coupled with fuel consumption improvements (due to better overall engine efficiency), are our primary objectives. Petrol or diesel, big or small, supercharged, turbocharged or normally-aspirated, every modern engine has the potential to be optimised.

One of the key functions of the Uni-Q is to allow RGM the ability to install a dual-map function. This second map is usually for use with a Torque octane booster blend, adding to further performance enhancement and can be activated on the move via an in-car switch.

RGM is an authorised Unichip tuner. We also have other ‘piggyback’ tuning methods, but can also offer various software tuning (includes for various transmissions) solutions.

Staged Conversions

Our entry level First Stage conversion for both petrol and diesel engines provides the most value for money by the gains achieved.

The typical First Stage conversion includes an exhaust upgrade, remapping of the ECU by means of the Uni-Q Chip as well a serviceable performance air filter.

Second and Third Stage conversions are, dependant on the vehicle, made up of either RGM’s carbon fibre cold air induction kits, Techniflow performance exhaust systems, larger turbochargers and intercoolers, as well as bolt-on superchargers and other enhancements on extreme project cars.

Some of our project vehicles exceed 750kW.

An RGM Special Project Car is identified in the industry as being not only the benchmark but also exudes exclusivity. RGM Project Cars which have earned infamy over the years include our orange BMW M3 Supercharged - “The Thing” - as we as our supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser and Toyota 86.

Research and Development

RGM is recognised as an industry leader in vehicle modifications and tuning. All our work is specialised and developed by our award-winning R&D department which has developed and continues to develop various components and systems including Goliath intake and Techniflow exhausts.
We call it The Art of Performance. Key to this ability is an on-site Computer Aided Design (CAD) facility. This aids in the development of the RGM performance and project cars that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also push new boundaries with regards to efficiency, performance and technology.

RGM Supercharged

Top-class performance and workmanship, through the thorough development and testing, along with the best components and our commitment and unrivalled support warranty contribute to the excellent reliability of our Supercharged conversions. RGM uses top-notch brands like Whipple and Vortech and offer supercharger-based upgrades for well over 30 vehicles.

All of our conversions come with a 6-month/20 000km warranty, for complete peace of mind.

Many of our conversions have featured on television shows such as Ignition, RPM and La’t Wiel as well as in leading motoring publications such as TopCar, Top Gear, Speed & Sound and others. They have all been highly-appreciative of our ground-breaking work, achievements and records set with every new conversion.

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