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RGMotorsport continues to set new records in the tuning aftermarket, with two of our Supercharged conversions in the limelight.

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At the annual Tuner Wars event at the beginning of September, a customer of ours in a Mustang Supercharged ran an 11.6-second quarter-mile, a feat which (as far as we know) has not been equalled with a similar package. The exact numbers, for the record, show a best run of 11.62 seconds with a terminal speed of 192.2 km/h while a VBOX datalogger fitted to the car shows that it also did a 3.8 second 0 – 100 km/h time!



Afterwards, Renier Ackerman and his wife drove home to Bloemfontein, having completed 10 runs without missing a beat. Come Monday morning and it was Mrs Ackerman at the wheel, as the bright yellow muscle car is her daily driver. Needless to say, she’s got something of a reputation on the city’s school run!
Renier is also something of a videographer, recording his car-related doings under the Fun Drag Racing (FDR) banner. The Mustang story is here:
The car boasts a boost upgrade and water-methanol injection added to drop the temperature of the intake mix. The last time it was on our dyno, it made over 800 horsepower or 600 kW…
Learn more about our Mustang upgrades here:

50 (and counting) not out!

Talking records, in the middle of 2018 we blasted past 50 Vortech supercharger upgrades to the Toyota 86, making it one of our most popular conversions ever. We rapidly continued on to 53 – which brought a weird set of coincidences into play…

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Nelspruit enthusiast Andy MacLaurin had his 86 supercharged back in November 2013. Since then he’s attended 53 track day/time trial events, often leaving home for Zwartkops, Red Star Raceway or Midvaal in the wee hours. The other coincidence is that he was born in ‘53, proving that you’re never too old to have fun! 

Andy’s car has made 218 track session “starts”, totalling almost 1 500 hot laps and been driven 84 000 kilometres in supercharged guise - without a hiccup. He’s used a fair quantity of brake pads and discs, and semi-slick tyres though - and one clutch. 

Thanks, Andy, for proving the integrity of our conversion again and again!

Below are some of our other Supercharged successes over the years: Toyota FJ Cruiser, our famous orange E90 BMW M3 and of course the Lumina...

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