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Hi Rob

Firstly, I wish to express my pleasant experience of dealing with RGMotorsport and the team that work for RGM are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Secondly, the work that was carried out on my new GOLF 7 GTI DSG (2014) with 3000 km on the clock is superb. I certainly have experienced mind blowing outcomes of performance perfection. The work carried out on my GOLF 7 GTI DSG was a RGM DECAT DOWNPIPE FROM THE TURBO and installation of RGM PLUG IN POWER SOFTWARE.

Wow, what a difference. The revolutionised RGM GOLF 7 GTI DSG is now a standard GOLF 7 R beater. The question I ask is, why would any GOLF 7 GTI DSG owner not want to do this upgrade?

The performance outputs are interesting and persons interested should know the improvements are incredible!

Overall the power and torque improvements at 2000 are mind boggling, from 350Nm to 430Nm. For me, the noticeable difference across the rev bands from 2000rpm @ 430nm to 4500rpm @ 361nm is far greater than the standard GOLF 7 GTI which peaks at 350nm @ 2000rpm. The significant power and torque gain makes driving my new RGM GOLF 7 GTI an even more enjoyable experience.

The exhaust sound is not noisy but delivers a really good grunt and burst when gearshifts occur. Something most motor enthusiasts love to hear!

I am very happy with the results and can only say that I dealt with an experienced motivated team that love what they do. The service and the performance improvements make this the best birthday present I’ve bought myself for a long time.

Kind regards




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